Red Light Therapy Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery

Recover like a Warrior

No matter if you are healing from injury or training for the big event, Red Light Therapy is there to support your muscle health. NASA has been using this technology to aid astronauts during space travel since the early ’90’s to help maintain muscle mass and bone density.

Be at the top of your game

Red Light Therapy helps to heal muscles, protect from cells from damage, protect from muscle fatigue, and gives you a boost of energy. It is suggested to have a session prior to physical activity. Red Light Therapy Muscle Recovery has been shown to promote better athletic performance, muscle recovery, muscle and reduction of inflammation.

It’s time to supercharge your body!

Book a consultation with us to discuss your goals and see if Red Light Therapy is right for you. For best results, we suggest starting out with three 20-minute sessions with no more than 2 days in between appointments in your first week. This will allow you to see how your body utilizes Red Light Therapy. Repeat sessions as needed to achieve your goals. Book your consultation and sessions below!

red light therapy muscle recovery

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