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4 years at Enlighten Red Light Therapy Center!

May 2023 marks our 4th anniversary at Enlighten Red Light Therapy Center in Sacramento, CA! What a crazy 4 years it has been! Since my last update in 2019 so much has happened in our business. First, Covid-19. What a strange period for us all. Our business was highly affected as we are an in-person service-based business. We were open for only 7 months when all the masking restrictions and stay at home orders went into place and shutdowns started to happen. What a daunting time for a new business! Most new businesses close within the first 2 years of being in business under normal circumstances. I am happy to say that despite all the shutdowns and restrictions we were able to weather the storm as a small business and make it through all the uncertainties of that time. So many businesses, even large corporations, folded during all the shutdowns and unpredictability of Covid-19. Thankfully, we have grown and flourished as a business despite the tumultuous time of Covid. I know that the fact we were able to make it through a multi-year pandemic as a new business speaks to the importance of what we are doing and the impact our Enlighten System has on helping our clients to heal in various ways. If we were not making a real change in the lives of our clients, our business would have folded just like so many others. Since that strange time, we have grown and expanded our professional services and offerings. When we opened Enlighten in 2019, we had 1 fully outfitted session room, and I was the only employee. I am so delighted that my Husband Christopher now works within our business as well. I guess this makes us a true ‘Mom and Pop’ operation. I believe we would not have been able to thrive as much had I remained the only employee here at Enlighten. Christopher and I have spent the past few years working in sync as a team. We are both passionate about what we do and know first-hand what our Enlighten system Red Light Therapy technology can do. We have experienced the changes ourselves and seen our clients heal in amazing ways. At the beginning, we shared our offices with two other small businesses. We now have all three offices and the lobby in our office suite for Enlighten! We now have 2 fully equipped session rooms, a body composition analysis device, Roll Shaper full body lymphatic massage machine, and we have partnered with Dr. Colgin to offer Dr. Assisted Metabolic Reset Diet! Last year, I became a published author when I wrote for a best-selling compilation book about my tips for mastering roadblocks and goal achievement with other business professionals and entrepreneurs (Goal for It 2.0: Imagine More Success – Master Roadblocks to Goal Achievement, compiled by Syndee Hendricks). We are honored to have been featured in Sacramento Magazine’s Top Doctors edition as one of the best alternative healers in Sacramento, CA. We have become the authority of Red Light Therapy in the Sacramento region and have clients that travel from up to 100 miles to work with us. We continue to help our clients make substantial changes in how they look, feel, and heal thru the power of our Enlighten system. I am so proud of the hard work and dedication my Husband Christopher and I have put into Enlighten Red Light Therapy Center over the years! We look forward to continuing our work and are excited to see where the next 4 years take us!   

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