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We are Enlighten, Part 2

Allow me to take a few moments to introduce myself, I am Christopher, husband of Jennifer and proud co-owner of Enlighten Red Light Therapy Center. Before starting Enlighten Red Light Therapy Center, I worked in music and post production, however it is not my previous vocation that interested me in this industry but rather the results that my wife and I have both experienced from red light therapy. Previous to witnessing my wife’s progress I had been a skeptic of red-light therapy and believed it to be another wellness fad; all hype with little to no results. Having seen the improvement in my wife’s mobility I had come to believe there is more to this technology than I had previously given credit. I began researching the subject reading books, websites, and peer reviewed papers to gain a greater understanding of this seemingly miraculous science. I found that red-light therapy could potentially be beneficial to me.

To give you a brief history. I have suffered from: bipolar disorder, P.T.S.D., insomnia, and obesity, as well as some previous injuries and the chronic pains of aging. Over the years I have been ran through the gauntlet of prescribed psychoactive medications and seemingly inevitable side effects that have often times been worse than the conditions they were meant to treat. One of those long-lasting side effects was my decades long insomnia, which was the first condition I noticed that red light was effective in treating. Since I have been doing regular sessions, I sleep a minimal of a solid six hours. I used to have to collectively put that much rest together.  Soon following I noticed that the thousand-pound weight of depression wasn’t keeping me down in the morning allowing me to begin my weight loss and physical wellness journey. I now have the energy and motivation to get myself to the gym several times a week to conquer my hundred-pound challenge. I look forward to receiving the bounty of benefits that my future treatments have in store for me and look forward to seeing what red-light therapy can do for you.

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