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Do I Have a Slow Metabolism? 5 Symptoms, You May Not Notice

Most people have no idea how many different factors can affect their metabolism’s speed. In many cases, it is a matter of heredity. People will often inherit slow metabolism, from their parents, expressed through their genes. Other contributing factors to a slow burning metabolism can include insomnia, unsupervised restrictive diets, lack of prioritization of hydration, etc. All of the forementioned issues have the potential to lead to a slowing in metabolic function. Unfortunately, many people can suffer from many of these known causes, to a slow metabolism, without ever knowing it themselves. If it does not occur to an individual, that they might have a slow metabolism, they can waste years of their lives, and thousands of dollars, in a frustrating cycle of consistently falling short of their weight loss goals. However, if it is discovered that a slow metabolism is affecting you and is standing in the way of your success, we can help you work around that. Partner with Enlighten Red Light Therapy Center, we can do this together! By creating a plan that will greatly increase your chances for success. Some good news, that may encourage some optimism. There are some clear signs that will enable you to figure out if you have a slow metabolism, or not. Continue reading, if you want to learn all about the top symptoms that you may not have noticed, that indicate you have a slow metabolism!

1. How the Speed of Your Metabolism Can Affect Your Weight Loss Journey

Some people focus on healthy eating for years without achieving the weight loss goals they are aiming at. Sometimes, they assume that they must need to focus even more on eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. Not exactly the whole story! Stubborn weight loss is sometimes the result of a slow metabolism.  In such cases, you might find that the strategies that work for others do not work for you. Some people enjoy fast weight loss because of their fast metabolisms along with the health interventions they invest in. However, if you find that you gain weight easily, you may benefit from looking for ways to increase your metabolism’s speed. You might also benefit from a supervised weight loss program. Under our doctor’s supervision you will experience fast weight loss that has been effective, even for people with challenges like a slow metabolism.

2. A Slow Metabolism Can Cause Low Energy

It is common for people only to think of their metabolism in the binary of fast or slow, when applied to the context of losing or gaining weight. Metabolism refers to how your body converts food into energy, to be utilized, for you to complete your daily activities. If your metabolism is slow, it only means that your body may have to struggle to access energy from the food that you eat. Consequently, when that happens, the energy in your food often gets stored as fat rather than utilized throughout the course of the day. With that fact in mind, you can understand how it makes sense for a slow metabolism to affect your energy levels, as well. If it takes a long time for your body to provide you with energy, you might find yourself going about your days with low energy on a regular basis. A general sense of fatigue and lethargy is quite often the result of a slow metabolism. Once you see the relationship between energy production and the metabolization of food, have an understanding of how your metabolism can affect weight loss, and weight gain, the path to successful weight loss and long-term weight management becomes more illuminated.

3. My Cold Sensitivity: Maybe Metabolic?

Your body uses the energy metabolized from your daily food intake, for much more than just your daily activities. Your body depends on the energy it gets from food to help keep you warm, as well.  If you have a fast metabolism, you might find that you have a lot of resistance to cold temperatures. Additionally, you may find that you have a remarkable ability to get acclimated to the cold much faster than others. Conversely, a slow metabolism can increase your sensitivity to the cold. Potentially finding yourself piling more layers on to stay as warm as others experiencing the same amount of cold. Having such a slow metabolism can make it a much longer process for your body to adjust to the colder conditions. Even while being indoors a slow metabolism can keep you, cold and in need of a lap blanket.

4. Digestion Problems: Could A Slow Metabolism Be the Cause?

The symptoms of a slow metabolism can present themselves in numerous ways. There are cases when slow metabolism symptoms are the result of slow digestion. With slow digestion your body takes a longer time to break down food that is eventually converted into energy, which is essentially the same thing as having a slow metabolism. The difficulty you are having with digesting your food, can potentially be the result of having a slow metabolism. It can be an indicator of a slow metabolism, if it seems like it takes your body a long time to digest your meals. These digestive problems can lead to you frequently feeling bloated or constipated. Other times the symptoms can be more less severe and more livable. If you are experiencing a fair amount of general discomfort with your digestion, it can be indication that you may have a slow metabolism. 

5. Hormonal Imbalances: The Slow Burn

A lack of access to energy can be disruptive to your hormones. To the outside world it can appear that you have depression or mood swings for no reason at all. You can find that you have diminishing libido or have disruptions to your menstrual cycle. All of which can be caused by hormonal imbalances, which can all be a result of a slow metabolism.

Knowledge is Key!

With the knowledge that your metabolism is slow, you can better decide what changes need to be made to your habits in order achieve your wellness goals allowing for a fuller and healthier life. There is hope, you just have to follow the light! At Enlighten Red Light Therapy Center, we have tools and strategies for improving your metabolism as well as the overall function of your body. Get started working towards your goals today, we are here to help!

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